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May 24, 2014



Today is a gift.
The opportunity to open your eyes one more time.
To take a breath of fresh air one more time.
To see the sun come up one more time.
To wake up out of bed one more time.
To smell a cup of coffee one more time.
To cherish your family and friends one more time.
To work towards your goals one more time.
To see strangers surround you one more time.
To make choices one more time.
To start over one more time.
Make it count.

May 7, 2014

Stop Avoiding your Life


I keep forgetting that life is happening in this very moment. I don’t need to create life or change it at all. It will happen on its own if only I can see it. Life will happen and go on with or without me. The fact that I think this life will only have its meaning if I do something with it is just my sense of ego. My inability to be present for this life to even happen.

I’ve had so much difficulty. Clinging on so strongly to this sense of self. Trying to create everything around it. Surrounding it with ideas and concepts of concreteness. But it will all go away. Why don’t I see it? I do but I don’t. I continue to delude myself and get back into it.


April 29, 2014

Why I Quit Everything In Canada and Moved to Thailand


We all learn and experience life differently. There isn’t a set sequence of events or age for when you hit puberty, transcend tween-ship, reach adulthood, or find meaning in your life.

For me, I reached adulthood and found meaning with my life with a couchsurfing experience on a random trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

To connect all the dots, we need to step back and take a self-indulgent trip down memory lane.

I have one of the biggest egos amongst the people that I know. I always felt the need to be good and better than others. I set high goals for the sake of setting high goals and validating how important and great I was.


April 2, 2014

Where We Are Going


How do you live a life without control and only being completely in the moment but also having an idea of where you are going? What does it make of the current road that you are on if you don’t see where it will lead? Or have any ambitions of where you want it to go?

We were taught to have big dreams and reach far. To be leaders, be successful, be rich, and to be happy.

We end up projecting our sense of self on to these concepts. We define lives by our goals, our ambitions, and our desires. I defined myself by them.


February 12, 2014

Reality and Truth


Can you see truth and reality?

It is every moment of your experience. It IS the experience.

Everything you perceive is not necessarily reality. Because your mind experiences based on its conceptions in relation to itself.

We see experiences in how they revolve around us. Because it is the only form of experience that we have known.

In reality, we are like leaves falling from a tree or the notes of a song. Multiple leaves and notes, with fleeting existence and experiences.

Ryokan, a Japanese Zen poet of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, wrote this simple poem: